Pacific Highway and Cooks Drive Realignment

The Project included: realignment of Cook Drive at its intersection with the Pacific Highway (HW10), so that it intersects opposite the existing North Boambee Road intersection; provision of traffic signal controls at a new four-way intersection; construction of additional lane capacity to improve levels of service and safety at the intersection.

There were three major stakeholders in the project: RMS, Bunnings and Council. The contractual management and engagement for this project reflected the complex interests of each stakeholder, giving everyone a voice at the table. An Alliance Contract was entered into with RMS, the Alliance Principal, and Council as the Alliance Contractor. This enabled the uncertainty around the project scope and stakeholder expectation to be managed by Council’s day labour workforce as opposed to entering into a hard dollar contract.

The project took nine months to complete, cost $8.5 Million and required a significant amount of Council’s resources to complete, including:

-Survey and Design – three Staff (Designer, Surveyor and assistant)

-CityWorks – 21 Staff (Project Manager, Project Supervisor, WHS and QA Officer, three Crews)

-Utility, Traffic Signals, Concrete and Asphalt contractors

pacific highway


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