Randwick Outdoor Classroom and Reed Bed Toilet

As part of its commitment to improving facilities and services for residents, Randwick City Council has recently completed the construction of the Outdoor Classroom and Reed-bed Toilet at the Randwick Community Centre. Randwick City Council continues to invest in sustainable building methods and water saving initiatives as a means of conserving resources and ensuring Council is provided valued projects to the community and the local residents.

Randwick City Council’s Sustainability and Project teams have worked tirelessly to create a fully functioning sustainability hub within the Randwick Community Centre.

The Outdoor Classroom and Reed-bed Toilet completed Stage Two of the overall master-plan for the Randwick Sustainability Hub located within the Randwick Community Centre. The final stage of the development will be the installation of a habitat trial and entry area to the complex. These works are expected to be competed in FY 2015/16.

Construction on the Outdoor Classroom and Reed-bed Toilet commenced in July of 2014. Works were completed in February of 2015. The construction and contract administration was managed by Todd Clarke (Project Manager). The design and documentation for the project was managed by Fiona Campbell (Sustainability Education Officer).

The Outdoor Classroom is a passive-solar building design that utilises the permaculture principle to produce “no waste”.

The function of the classroom is to run school excursions and community sustainability workshops. The classroom can also be hired by the local community for educational purposes.


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