City of Ryde – The Ryde River Walk

The Ryde River Walk project addresses local and regional objectives for improving recreational opportunities, active transport, public health and community well-being. The trail encourages walking and cycling within the City of Ryde by connecting existing foreshore parks with recreational trails, community facilities, natural environments, urban centres and public transport hubs.

The twelve-kilometre bridge-to-bridge Ryde River Walk explores a remarkable sweep of the northern shore of the Parramatta River and visually captures the important role our city plays in the life and history of greater Sydney. The walk protects environmentally sensitive mangroves and aboriginal heritage sites by managing access through a floating boardwalk.

Ryde River Walk 1

Ryde River Walk is a great example of Council partnering with community volunteers and government agencies to improve the communitys enjoyment of the unique attractions along the foreshore of Parramatta River, with better public access and enhanced recreational facilities.