Spatially Enabling Bankstown Project

Spatially enabling Bankstown (through the use of Assetic’s MyData and MapInfo) was about providing a way for Bankstown’s staff to gain access to asset information by simply clicking on an asset on a map and having relevant and useful information returned, much like using Google maps.

As at 30 June 2011, Bankstown City Council’s total Current replacement value was $2.15 billion, with an additional $30 million being added per annum through new capital and donated assets.  Being able to successfully maintain and operate these assets within acceptable levels of service balanced against available funding presented a challenge to Council.

In order to understand, record, report on and finance the management of these assets, the Asset Systems Team (AST) was formed. The function of the team was to provide oversight and direction in Asset Management to the rest of the organisation. In 2012 the Asset Systems Team commenced the Spatially Enabling Bankstown Project.

The Project was aimed at gathering, collecting and analysing the right data to help inform decision making and create value through applying and sharing knowledge. The intent was to provide a common user interface for all employees to use to gain access to asset information.

Bankstown City Council is now one of the first, if not the first, NSW Council to be able to demonstrate a holistic, automated, end-to-end work flow asset management solution which combines an electronic work order system with infield technology to provide asset management solutions that saves time and  money, increases accuracy and improves decision making.

Our wealth of asset information has been captured, organised and mapped, and is now used daily to inform decision making. We have created value through applying and sharing knowledge in a spatial environment.

The increased transparency and accessibility delivers efficiencies and levels of customer service that were not previously possible.