South Kempsey Pump Station Refurbishment and New Trunk Water Main

It was a tale of distress and delight. The imminent highway bypass of Kempsey, substantial service industry job losses, economic stimulus via a new employment-generating land zone, RMS highway service centre designation, developers ready to build AND NO WATER SUPPLY!!!

Design it, fund it, get Council approval, build it and away we go.

Hang on a minute. Have you seen the state of the existing infrastructure we are connecting to? The integration is just not that simple. Were jumping generations of technology and we need tight interfacing on these clever electronics. The infrastructure rehab will need careful timing and specialist contractors.

Make sure you stick to that budget and don’t disrupt services to the school, motels or caravan parks.

This project tested Kempsey Shire Councils ability to deliver a complex medium-sized construction whilst managing multiple internal and external stakeholders. Council established equitable developer and community cost-sharing and risk-sharing in this $2m seed-funded project, delivered ahead of time, fit-for-purpose and on-budget.