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Here we have a number of different documents you may find useful and interesting. Also included here is a copy of the different YIPWEA Representatives / Secretaries in each region and their contact details.

  • YIPWEA Action Plan

    This document outlines the plan for Young IPWEA 2015-2017. The intention is to create a uniform approach for the Chairs to achieve goals and to gauge their success within their areas. This document is a live document and will be updated by the presiding Chair, Young IPWEA. It should be read in conjunction with the Young IPWEA Framework.

  • Young IPWEA Framework

    This document has been prepared by young member representatives to provide a framework for the Young IPWEA initiative. Each division will have its own framework which aligns with the overarching Australasian framework outlined in this document.

  • IPWEA NSW Professional Development Workshops

    Here you will find the PD Workshops calendar. IPWEA NSW offers industry-proven training courses for local government employees which are relevant to their jobs.All of our presenters have a local Government and Public works background ensuring that industry specific examples are provided along with practical information.

  • How To Join

    Here is a link to our IPWEA NSW website where you can become a member.

With your membership you will be able to:-

  • Attend Regional Forums, State Conferences and social events at member prices
  • Participate in mentoring opportunities
  • Build your networks
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Improve communication channels

And by joining us you will:-

  • Belong to a professional community
  • Build your professional and social networks
  • Develop your knowledge and skills
  • Become a leader